Business And Commercial Transactions

A common mistake that business owners make is to assume that legal help is something they cannot afford. The truth is, investing in sound legal advice now can prevent disputes and other complications in the future — and save thousands in increased costs. At Freedman & Grinshpun, PC, we provide a full complement of services to businesses in and around Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties, including:

Buying Or Selling A Business

Buying or selling a business can be risky — unless you work with an experienced attorney who can protect your interests. Buyers need to be sure that there are no issues that could cause serious problems in the future. Sellers need to receive a fair price for the business they worked hard to build. By taking pains to ensure that no transaction is completed before exhaustively doing our due diligence, we protect our clients whether they are buying or selling.

In fact, any type of business transaction can be deceptively complex. In drafting a contract, a new business owner might fail to include certain penalties for noncompliance or a clear description of the services to be rendered. By having a skilled attorney draft and/or review the document.

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