Philadelphia IRS Defense Attorney

An IRS audit is something that every American taxpayer dreads. However, only until you face an audit do you truly understand the weight of the consequences of a tax-related problem. At Freedman & Grinshpun, PC, we utilize effective defense strategies on behalf of clients facing adverse action from the Internal Revenue Service.

Lawyers For Tax Appeals In Montgomery County

Our attorneys provide representation to both individuals and businesses facing IRS audits. If the IRS has alleged that you failed to file a tax return, took an aggressive position on a tax return or that you broke the rules in some other way, we are prepared to exhaust all available options to secure the best possible outcome for you.

We work closely with people to find a way to defend against claims made by the IRS. If there is no plausible defense, we gather information to determine whether our clients are able to settle the debt, and negotiate with the IRS for the best possible deal.

Avoiding Criminal Prosecution

One of the most serious consequences of a tax-related matter is prosecution. If the IRS has reason to believe that the error was intentional, you may be facing very serious criminal charges – charges that could cost you your freedom and your livelihood. Our attorneys take steps to help you avoid prosecution by negotiating a payment or settlement with the IRS.

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