Tax Law

Tax-related matters can present significant challenges to individuals and businesses alike. When facing a tax lien or some other issue, an experienced attorney can help you resolve these matters effectively and efficiently. At Freedman & Grinshpun, PC, we have extensive experience in tax-related matters, from estate tax planning to negotiating with the IRS.

We assist individuals and businesses with a broad range of issues related to tax law, including:

Negotiating With The Internal Revenue Service

While negotiating with the IRS is not a simple task, it is not impossible. If you have received a bill from the IRS, you do have the option to negotiate to pay a smaller amount, or defend yourself against IRS action if you believe it is unwarranted. Our attorneys have the skills to help your effectively navigate IRS negotiations.

Lawyers In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Assisting With Estate Tax

Preserving the wealth of an estate or gift requires careful tax planning. Our attorneys understand the importance of protecting assets for the next generation. We can help you select an appropriate trust or other asset protection instrument that can help you avoid heavy taxes that can deplete the value of an estate or gift.

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