Pennsylvania Lawyers Handling Guardianship Disputes

No one wants to handle a guardianship or estate administration matter alone. Without the help of an experienced team of attorneys, there are numerous pitfalls and potential errors that could compromise your interests and leave you exposed to further problems.

At Freedman & Grinshpun, PC, we represent clients in a range of guardianship and estate litigation matters throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Lawyers from our firm handle all types of estate and guardianship litigation matters, including:

  • Contested guardianship: Contested guardianships are among the most common guardianship disputes. Some guardianship disputes involve various interested parties as well as the proposed wards disputing over whether a guardianship is the right legal decision or the terms of the guardianship.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: A guardian is a fiduciary, held accountable to the highest legal agency standards. When a guardian steals from the estate, fails to make timely accountings or abuses his privilege, it is a breach of the fiduciary duty.
  • Estate litigation: Our attorneys also handle litigation involving all types of estate matters for executors, administrators and potential beneficiaries.

Guardianships are extremely complicated. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience handling these matters. We will walk you through your various options and protect your financial interests.

These are just a few of the potential issues our firm handles regarding guardianships and estate disputes. Whatever issues you are facing, the best thing to do is speak with an experienced lawyer from our firm. Call 215-708-7390 or contact us online.